Get Moving

Why work with us

At Neocles, we think hard. We think hard about our clients, their success, the product and each other. And every day we seek to improve all those aspects of our lives. We have a phrase for this – Get Productive.

Why work with us - Hero

Get in the zone

At Neocles, you are working hard at being better. Your decisions and actions affect you, those around you, your clients, your product. Billions of euros and data run through our platform annually. Business critical? I’m afraid so – this is no digital backwater. You will discover your true capabilities and you will stretch and grow. It’s fun, but you’re not here for just a fun ride (read: you’re not a ‘tech tourist’); you’re here because you want to be productive, disrupt the way of doing business, and be proud.

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Get more done

At Neocles, you build it; you run it. You focus on a great outcome, without bureaucracy and silos but with discipline and focus. Fast decision making and room for innovation is our modus operandus. Fast and innovative is challenging and will bring you out of your comfort zone. You’re challenged to improve constantly, to bring new ideas to the table, to co-pilot our clients and to do things not because they are easy but because they are hard (nod to JFK there). Here we are comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being great comes with effort (just in case you did not get the memo). And you can be disruptive. You can execute your ideas. You get to work in small teams that do big things. You get to get more done. You get to be productive.

Get Together

At Neocles, you join a team that enjoys the thrill of hard work and doesn’t walk away from complexity. You join forces with people who take responsibility and make sure we stay on our toes, sharp, focussed, where we have to be (Al Pacino – ain’t he great). We push to completion and we do not let each other down. We offer you an adventurous culture where you can stretch and spread your wings. Here, you ask “Why?” and then you quickly follow up with a better idea. Speaking up,  giving feedback and raising flags – all standard behaviour here. That’s what we do and what moves us forward. We’re on this journey together; a journey which brings value to our clients and thereby we bring value to one another.


Get Growing

At Neocles, you experience another level of growth. You learn that, in the end, honest discomfort is more valuable than dishonest comfort. This means that we promise to keep it real with you. To be seriously honest. To be clear in our expectations. To challenge and test you. To let you score beautiful goals. To let you change roles, get more responsibility and to become a leader should you want that and are ready for it. At Neocles, you will not get lost. You can easily keep track of what’s going on and how to make a real difference. We want the very best for you but that means “high fives” when it counts. You are the type of person who wants that realness.

Get Serious

At Neocles, you go for serious business. Our privately owned and self-sustaining company (profitable from day one) brings you more stability in a no-nonsense environment. Our modern offices in the tech hubs of Amsterdam and Kyiv offer you more like minded people and less dullness. Collaborating with committed people means more output and less frustration. Serious business also means that we offer you a complete benefit package. But no company can be really serious without having a not-so-serious-part… your sense of humour is very much welcome.

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