Revenue growth of +3%; Net profit growth of +9%

The fashion industry is highly competitive. Our innovative B2B sales platform gives your brand a competitive edge. It allows you to take advantage of every sales opportunity with result-driven sales tools such as real time sell-through, stock level and delivery data as well as predictive selling and purchasing. By continuously analyzing real-time customer and product data we provide you with actionable insights that increase sales and cut cost. And to make sure your sales reps won’t miss out on any opportunity, our platform is also suitable for mobile use. Our vision is to get you ahead of the game. And more importantly, to keep you there.


Revenue growth of +5%; Net profit growth of +15%

Bestseller is a fast-growing, international fashion group that manages more than 20 individual fashion brands among which Only, Jack & Jones and Vero Moda.


Neocles was approached to create a digital B2B platform where buyers and sellers of all the individual fashion brands could meet, facilitating a smooth sales and order process. The focus was on a mobile app equipped with data assisted selling and purchasing tools, since 30% of their wholesale transactions worldwide was already executed on mobile devices. The result was a revenue growth of 5% and a net profit growth of no less than 15%. Besteller leads the way when it comes to unlocking relevant data that enables buyers and sellers to make better sales decisions. The application tells you for example whether a specific style is in demand or not. And it predicts the sell-through ratio of a certain style based on prior sales in your region.


Revenue growth of +28%

Brooks Running is an American sports brand known for its footwear and apparel.


Neocles was approached to develop a customized B2B platform to improve their sales and order process. A solid platform efficiently directed over 90% of its global sales straight to the ERP system and generated a spectacular revenue growth of more than 28%. Note: without adding a single sales person. Brooks Running also implemented a so called ‘endless aisle’ that supports their retailers to take advantage of every sales opportunity.


As digital innovation partner of Brooks Running it’s our goal to further improve functionality in the sales and order process to enable their business customers to fully benefit from their open-to-buy planning.


Revenue growth of +17,6%; Operating result of +37,9%

Puma is a successful German sports brand that sells footwear and sports gear worldwide.


Puma was looking for ways to simplify the structure of their sales organization in order to streamline their buying and selling. Neocles came uo with a powerful B2B platform with a unifying front-end following the guidelines of Puma’s brand identity, that enabled Puma to add various different backend ERP systems for the integration of sales data from all over the world. A complex operation that resulted in a staggering revenue growth of 17,6%. And at least 37,9% of Puma’s sales force started to use the platform straight away.


Puma projects that at least 50% of its global wholesale transactions will go through our platform by the end of 2020.


Neocles offers all the digital tools you need to grow your brand, maximize your sales and to truly connect with all your business customers. If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, please contact us for an introductory meeting or a demo-presentation. See you soon.

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