One user friendly layer for multiple ERP back-end systems

PUMA was looking for ways to simplify the structure of their sales organization in order to streamline their buying and selling.


Unifying front-end in line with PUMA’s brand identity

Neocles came up with a powerful B2B platform with a unifying front-end following the guidelines of PUMA’s brand identity, that enabled PUMA to add various different backend ERP systems for the integration of sales data from all over the world. Simplify your online business by connecting your ERP, CRM, PLM or PIM to the Neocles Pulse.


Revenue growth of +17,6% Operating result of +37,9%

A complex operation that resulted in a staggering revenue growth of 17,6%. PUMA’s operating result went up with 37,9% predominantly caused by realised sales efficiencies.

PUMA projects that at least 50% of its global wholesale transactions will go through our platform by the end of 2020.

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